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Finding casual work in the UK construction and manufacturing industry can be a fraught process.  The industry itself is in a good state of health with both house building and commercial projects coming on line all the time and many more in the pipeline too.   Far from the dark days of the 2008 crash, when construction and manufacturing projects all but dried up completely, the skyline of most cities and large towns seem to be a spider-like web of tower cranes, and manufacturing is thriving.   The work is plainly there, but that doesn’t mean that you can just walk into it.  In many ways, actually finding work is way harder than doing the work.

The main problem is that there has never really been a centralised place that allows you peruse the jobs available in your field.  There are newspapers and trade magazines, there are websites, but you can never be sure that they are up to date and this is a fast-moving business.  This is where Subby come in handy.  Tailored jobs, UK-wide locations, and live updates make this industry-centred App ideal for pinpointing your next job, and since most of us now spend more time on our mobile phones, that makes it ideal.

Subby is available from either the App store or PlayStore, and is easy to install on your Android or Apple device. Once you have installed it, and verified your email address, you will be asked to create a profile, based on your name, location (including postcode), your trade, your preferred hourly rate, daily rate, and weekly rate.  The app will also ask you to state your years of experience in the trade that you have cited.  You will also be asked to state your ‘company type’ to highlight your certification.  The options here are:

  • Sole Trader.
  • Self Employed.
  • Limited Company
  • CSCS
  • Green CSCS card
  • Blue CSCS Card – Semi-Skilled.
  • Gold CSCS Card – Skilled.
  • Gold CSCS Card – Supervisor.
  • Black CSCS Card – Manager.
  • Yellow/White (PQP) CSCS Card
  • White CSCS – CRO
  • Red CSCS Card – Trainee.
  • Red CSCS Card – Graduate.
  • Red CSCS Card – Experienced.
  • Red CSCS Card – Experienced Worker
  • CPCS
  • BESC
  • EUSR
  • CCDO
  • IPAF
  • FLT

The level of award that you put will impact the work that you can do and the offers that may come in from managers using the Subby App to find appropriate workers, so you need to ensure that you answer correctly.

Once you have saved your personal profile, you can move on to adding your professional certificates and other professional information under the Trade Information Tab.  You can list your relevant qualifications and upload images of your certificates too. The App also lets you add references so that all the information that may be required is in one place and ready to use.

Once you submit the information, you can proceed to an interactive map that shows you current work opportunities, along with the rate at which they pay.  Picking an opportunity opens it up with full details and allows you to apply for it directly.  Simple!

The Subby App is the new way to find work and once you have downloaded it and signed up, you won’t find any problems in locating your perfect job again.